On behalf of the Friends of the United Nations, I would like to recognize Project Active for its extraordinary efforts to restore peace in areas of war and destruction.

Project Active provides an opportunity for camaraderie to individuals surrounded by intense warfare. The organization is a humanitarian vehicle designed to diffuse world tensions through sport-related equipment and encouragement. By implementing a constructive outlet for youth, Project Active aims to re-build shattered confidence and shift the focus from death and destruction to hope and alliance.

The universal language of athletics effectively breaks through the barriers of communication and serves as a conflict prevention strategy. The inspiration of sports ignites the human spirit and creates friendly relations among communities. Project Active maintains the charitable focus required to make a difference and positively influence troubled areas around the globe.

The United Nations continually launches programs that foster effective national and international relationships. As a center of worldwide relief, the UN catapults global initiatives aimed at solving human issues. Project Active dually serves as a catalyst for increasing quality of life and sparks a momentum for positive change that ultimately affects millions.

Best wishes to Project Active as it continues the journey towards world peace.

Irving Sarnoff
Founder and Director
Friends of the United Nations