Friends of the United Nations

Founded in 1985, Friends of the United Nations is an independent, non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the United Nations’ activities. We work with educational institutions, corporations, the media, the international governments and other organizations to inform and educate people about the U.N.’s efforts on behalf of peace, human rights, the environment, children and responsible economic development. We are committed to facilitating communication between economically and socially diverse world populations, and creating solutions to global problems.

The La Jolla Foundation, INC.

The La Jolla Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to hurling snowballs of positive change down mountains of challenge, while providing momentum as support for growth along the way. The La Jolla Foundation is defined by its core values: participation, peace, and knowledge. Every La Jolla Foundation project is rooted in these core values and involves four methods: mentoring, encouragement, equipment and education. With this framework, the foundation will embark on the following projects:
  • Project Active - Diffusing World Tensions Through Sport
  • Project Connected Compass - Connecting Underprivileged Youth
  • Project Spark - Enabling The Next Generation of Einsteins
Project Active is a global mission with a commitment to diffuse world tensions through sport related education, equipment, mentoring and encouragement. Project Active is dedicated to planting the peace-inspiring seed of athletics in the hearts of many--allowing the Human Spirit's incredible resilience to bring joy to areas of the world where it is needed most.

From Our Feet

Nick MacFalls is the Founder and Director of From Our Feet (FoF); a program that collects, facilitates and distributes gently worn shoes to the impoverished, worldwide. Founded in 2001, From Our Feet was the California's Innovative Recycling Program of the Year in 2006. To date, FoF has facilitated the distribution over 25,000 pairs of shoes overseas, and has recycled at least another 8,000 pairs. From Our Feet's beneficiaries have included Project Active, Castlemont HS, Church Sports International , Chepkero Athletic Club (Kenya), and the Makumbi (Zimbabwe) and Hope (Kenya) orphanages.

Nick's vision is to encourage other individuals to start similar low cost programs in their communities, noting that From Our Feet is run out of his garage with little funding. As importantly, his goal is to foster cooperation with existing US and International shoe reuse programs to lessen shipping costs and increase the benefits and services partner organizations provide their beneficiaries. Nick's experiences at the World Military Games and interactions with African athletes were the catalyst for the creation of From Our Feet. Nick currently works as a quality and resources advisor at Onizuka Air Force Station. A 1995 United States Air Force Academy graduate, he was a three-time Western Athletic Conference Champion at 1500m/one-mile. As a post-collegiate, he ran for Santa Monica Track Club, the Nike Farm Team and the Air Force World Class Athlete Program, retiring with a personal best in the mile of 4:00.21 and three Armed Forces' championships.

Student International Business Council

The vision of the Student International Business Council is to enable peace through commerce. The SIBC is committed to helping to provide students with real life international business experiences with an emphasis on peace and cultural exchange. Supporting cross border, immersive experiences that students can not get in the classroom, the SIBC focuses on the importance of values based leadership, the positive impact of commerce on the peace process. To achieve this goal the SIBC sends outstanding SIBC students on international internships. The SIBC is also committed to cultivating meaningful relationships among students and faculty on the council, and with other San Diego business executives.

Triathlete Magazine

Triathlete Magazine is a news resource for triathletes and multi-sport athletes worldwide. It not only mirrors the image of the ultimate athletic lifestyle, but provides the inspiration and education that triathletes crave. Each month it provides readers with smart, effective training plans, as well as product reviews that highlight the latest innovations in the world of multi-sport. Readers are also motivated by profiles on both professional and amateur athletes written by the most talented journalists in the sport.

The Active Network

In 1998 began offering online registration for sporting events in South Africa. It has since developed a strong relationship with its audience and grown to become the strongest brand in the participatory sports market in Africa. It manages membership and registration for Triathlon South Africa and also for Discovery Health. SA Active generated considerable success in South Africa by servicing major sporting events, including the world’s largest swimming event, and the world’s largest corporate relay. In May 2002 SA Active and Active Europe merged their businesses to become one team of professionals dedicated to providing the best quality products and services.

The Active Network Europe LTD.

Our goal is to consolidate a fragmented participative sports industry into a structured, commercial environment by providing centralized software, marketing and transaction services.

Active Europe Network Ltd. (Active Europe) provides products and services for event administrators, participants and advertisers/sponsors.

Licensed by The Active Network, Active Europe is the leading provider of software solutions for the European participatory sports industry. Its proprietary software platform supports participatory event and league administrators and allows participants to instantly and securely register for events, activities and community sports leagues, as well as join sports federations or local clubs. This is achieved through the use of mobile technology, the internet and traditional processes.

The Active Europe Network Ltd. team is an internationally diverse group of professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, and business, technology, information and sales professionals. Each of us brings enthusiasm, intelligence and determination to our work. The sales force and general staff have a background rich in Pan European business, sports business and marketing, journalism and trade/media relations, as well as personal contacts throughout the various specific sporting venues.

University of San Diego

The University of San Diego is a young institution. It was founded in 1949 when Most Reverend Charles Francis Buddy, the first Bishop of San Diego, and Reverend Mother Rosalie Hill, Religious of the Sacred Heart, obtained charters from the State of California for San Diego University and San Diego College for Women respectively. Since classes began in 1952, the institution has consciously fashioned for itself an image both intellectually challenging for its educational mission and aesthetically attractive.

The physical beauty of the University of San Diego campus, known as Alcalá Park, reaches beyond the “eye of the beholder.” Mother Hill, founder of the San Diego College for Women, believed in the enhancement of learning through beauty and harmony. Hence, for the University, beauty is a transcendental quality imparted to students as part of their education to truth and goodness - a simple but profound educational philosophy. The University's site on a prominent mesa in the center of the nation's sixth largest city blends graceful architecture, at once stylistically and historically unified in its appearance, with stunning views of the ocean and bay and of the rugged canyons that drop away from the mesa.

Those who are fortunate to study, work, and live amidst the beauty of the campus seek to understand the University’s mind and heart. A Carnegie study has noted that those universities which have a well-defined and broadly implemented sense of their own identity will survive and thrive. The distinctive character and educational objectives which flow from USD's identity should be widely understood and shared by members of the University community.

Joan B. Kroc Institute

THE MISSION: fostering peace, cultivating justice, and creating a safer world.
Through education, research, and peacemaking activities, the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice offers programs that advance scholarship and practice in conflict resolution and human rights.  The Institute for Peace & Justice at the University of San Diego draws upon Catholic social teaching that sees peace as inseparable from justice and acts to prevent and resolve conflicts that threaten local, national and international peace.

“We must not only teach peace, but make peace.”
Joan B. Kroc